You don’t see that every day.

Today a 7′ white shark breached while attacking a seagull, and landed in shallow water near the Chatham Southway.  Yes, it launched out of the water and landed on the beach.  You don’t see that every day.

The harbormaster and marine scientists rescued it and it is alive.  Here is a link to the Cape Cod Times article.

Chatham Southway is a cut in Monomoy Island caused by storms.  It is very shallow and shoaly (is that a word?), used as a shortcut by small motor boats headed to Chathams fabled fishing grounds from Stage Harbor.  For many years it has been a popular spot for pleasure boaters to congregate in the summer, hang on the beach, and swim.  Kids would ride tubes down the cut with the current.  Now it is nicknamed “shark alley”.  Incredibly beautiful… and a good place to spot sharks.

white shark on chatham beach 1     white shark on chatham beach 2